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Zinara wins international award for business excellence

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration won an international award for business excellence and high quality performance as well as best customer satisfaction. The award, given in Rome on June 24, was bestowed on Zinara by the Association Otherways Management and Consulting based in Paris, France. Zinara won the 2013 Golden Award for Quality and Business Prestige trophy and a certificate for Total Quality Customer Satisfaction Aptitude Seal for High Quality Performance and Best Customer Satisfaction.

The administration’s chief executive, Mr Frank Chitukutuku, received the award at a colourful ceremony in Rome, Italy, attended by business executives from all over the world.

“The award we won recognises companies that show exceptional performance all over the world. They have a mechanism which they follow to select the companies such as exhibitions and shows to come up with a decision to award companies. So we were conferred with an award for exceptional performance,” he said. Mr Chitukutuku said the award was evidence of the hard work being done by Zinara such as acquiring the 40 state-of-the-art graders distributed to rural councils for road maintenance.

He said Zinara was also honoured by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce for being the first runner-up for the most visible organisation for 2013. “So this international recognition has given us a challenge that we must continue to work even harder. It’s difficult to be a champion but we have to strive and maintain our standards of satisfying our customers as the road authority,” he said. Mr Chitukutuku said the authority would fulfil its pledge to fully equip local authorities with road maintenance equipment.
According to Association Otherways Management and Consulting, the criteria for the awards is based on reports carried out periodically by the association’s marketing team based in Europe.

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