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Free Online Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering Course- Delft University of Technology

For someone who has been trying to get out of aviation, I certainly do post a lot of aviation stuff. I guess it comes with the territory. I enjoy my work, have started to enjoy it after I realised, this is all I know so I might as well enjoy it… Sometimes careers are not financially rewarding and this dampens your spirit. Aviation is a tough industry, for those who work in it and those who operate in it. Profit margins are very tight and it is important to watch costs like a hawk. Having said all this, there is a certain lure to the industry and the business. There is something about watching a plane take of, or experiencing the beauty of flight. Think about the Flight attendants and pilots in their impeccable uniforms, globe trotting, and working in the air. How about the engineers who design these amazing machines, the list goes on. Most people would drop their careers for aviation any day, because of the lure of the skies. When all is said and done, I enjoy my work.

For those interested in aeronautics, take a look at this introductory course offered by Tu Deft, online for free. If you are thinking of studying aeronautics, this is a slice of aeronautics.

Discover the fascinating world of aviation by investigating aeronautics, with a closer look at aerodynamics and flight mechanics.

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