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The African Incentive

You are invited to participate or assist in the upcoming stakeholders conference. In addition to the Stakeholders Conference there will be a two day Educational and Awareness Event which incorporates various components all linked to developing our children and youth. Instead of just an exhibition distributing literature (which will usually end up being binned), we are looking for more interaction/hands on/innovative ideas for children and youth of all ages and from all social levels. We are also trying to identify collaborating partners who can come on board and work with us in structuring this component, bringing in their relevant partners to showcase, create maximum awareness and promote the event to young and old so that we get a good turnout and also assist us in getting relevant persons to do career presentations over the two days.

As an example, Miracle Missions have come on board as our collaborating partner for the Environmental / Sustainable Development component and will also be working with us on Early Childhood Development, Disabled Children/Youth components. They  have also asked us to allow them to partner with them and hold a Care Givers Conference at the event.

We are in the process of finalising discussions with other partners in respect of the other components including Health, Arts & Culture (National Gallery and Chipawo already on board), etc.

I have also incorporated FUTURES which was a pro bono Careers Event we organised for Rotary Harare West many years ago. Futures was held at Prince Edward School and was attended by 4000+ students from as far as Macheke and Midlands all the way through to Harare and included International/Private/Government Schools. We had 80+ career presentations, Exhibition and Entertainment.


We have partnered with the ACCZ (Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe) which has 700 affiliated churches representing 7m+ members in the country of which just under 3m are children. They have established a CHILD CARE UNIT to encourage their members to change their attitudes and traditions and to encourage them to provide access to immunisation, healthcare, education, careers, stop child marriages, addressing gender issues, HIV/Aids, etc. ACCZ also hopes that religious/community organisations throughout Africa will also come to the conference so that they can establish Child Care Units in their own countries and establish working groups with a view to implementing projects that will help to nurture and develop Africa’s children and youth.

In addition CCU will play a facilitative role to ensure that stakeholders no longer hit a ‘brick wall’ to implement key projects that will be of benefit to children and youth including those within the Apostolic Community. Certainly key stakeholders in the country are very supportive of this initiative since they will be able to implement their projects more effectively and access a large number of children and youth that they have not been able to in the past.

We are launching the five year campaign at a two day event at end September in Harare. As there are numerous communities throughout Africa/Globally who face the same challenges it makes sense to bring all stakeholders together for a high profile conference so that we can learn from some of the success stories, network and find solutions to the mutual challenges, etc. Working Groups (incorporating key stakeholders) will be established to implement projects in regions/countries so that they can report back to the next stakeholders conference. The ACCZ have agreed to keep the event non religious and non political to facilitate this.

Running in tandem with the conference will be a number of components specifically for children and youth from all social levels (and their parents hopefully) which will assist in creating maximum awareness amongst children/youth and also offering various activities, exhibition, interactive entertainment, etc. The event will attract participants via early childhood/junior and senior schools (International, Private, Government), colleges, tertiaries, etc. Entry will be free and parents will also be encouraged to visit.

It is important for everyone to work together with regard to developing and nurturing Africa’s Children and Youth.

The two day Event for all Children, Youth and Adults from all communities and social levels will include an AWARENESS & EDUCATIONAL EVENT INCORPORATING :

             A Careers Exhibition And Presentations

             A Component For Junior Schools

             A Component on Early Childhood Development

             A Component For Tertiaries


             Arts & Culture

             Environment /Sustainable Development/Agriculture

             Health

             ICT & Technology

             Safety

             Sport


These are all critical components linked to developing our Children and Youth (our future leaders) and these will also help them to learn about their rights and the opportunities available to them.

We are inviting high profile and key persons to join us as Child Ambassadors and hope that some will be able to join us each year and work with us as role models and help to mentor/nurture Africa’s children and youth on an ongoing basis.

We are aware of the time constraints for this year’s launch but believe that with the right stakeholders and collaborating partners that we will be able to establish a solid and effective foundation this year which will allow us to make the event bigger and better every year.

In addition, I would much appreciate your kind assistance in recommending and forwarding this communication to your relevant colleagues and clients and we hope they will give positive consideration to supporting this initiative in any way that they are able to (advice, connecting us with relevant high profile/relevant potential Ambassadors, identifying relevant success stories, exhibiting, career presentations, sponsorship, encouraging everyone to join us, etc.).

Your assistance and co-operation in helping us to make this a high profile event will allow us to create maximum awareness of the campaign to nurture our future leaders and will allow stakeholders to understand the concept, see the potential and make provision for budgets and sponsorship and play a much bigger role at next year’s event.


Mukta Cardozo


African Incentive (MICE Specialists Conferences, Exhibitions, Incentives, Events )


62 Bishop Gaul Avenue / Cnr Bertram Road

Milton Park, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa


+263 4 747379 / 741929 / 778215


+263 776401345 – Joseph (Nevies)

+263 774356186 – Mukta


+263 777591671







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  1. mgcini moyo
    July 28, 2015 at 11:00 pm

    Thank you for the post,would love to mentor zim youth on issues to do with health of the nation.l am a medical doctor based in Swaziland who is pursuing Masters in health economics and Pharmacoeconomics.

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