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Where to go for Medical Treatment Abroad

With a dying medical sector, low paid, poor equipment and unsatisfied doctors, many in Zimbabwe are now faced with seeking medical attention in various different countries. Although we have many good doctors in Zimbabwe, sometimes the costs can be astounding. This is why many opt to seek medical attention outside of Zimbabwe. Most people are not confident in our medical system, and if you are left at the mercy of doctors at public hospitals, there is almost no hope. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how thick your pockets are lined. It is sad that basic medical attention is not available to many, but just like our schools, social services, many services are going down. There have been great medical feats in Zimbabwe.

South Africa

capetownSouth Africa has a booming medical tourism sector. Its proximity within Africa makes it a strong contender for African patients. Although not globaly competitive on price, there are a lot of benefits for Zimbabweans and Africans, who already have family in South Africa and can travel by bus, to be with their loved while during treatment.

For non Africans, South Africa’s strength lies in the packaging of its tours, rather than the outright price of its medical capabilities. A cosmetic surgery package in South Africa will consist of a consultation and surgery, personal physical therapist and personal assistant during your recovery in a spa and a safari tour afterwards.


brazilLike Argentina, the devaluation of the Real (Brazilian currency) against the US Dollar, has made Brazil an excellent destination for low cost, world-class medical tourism treatment. In recent years, Brazil has become internationally renowned for their famous cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics, where the rich and famous have been going in order to maintain their anonymity and recuperate along the pristine Brazilian beaches.

In terms of general medical treatment, Brazil has a couple of medical travel hospitals that are fully accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the largest US Hospital Accreditation organization (JCAHO.)

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indiaIndia often attracts patients that require orthopedic and cardiac surgeries, as well as IVF and oncological treatment. Complications have arisen in incidents of malpractice, lack of comprehensive follow-up care and other difficulties that result in patients seeking services elsewhere. India also has a long rainy season (monsoon) that makes the country difficult to navigate due to weather conditions from May to September – which may affect a patient’s decision to travel to India, especially if the patient is living with a chronic disease.

India is emerging, creating new departments within government-managed facilities to serve medical tourists and working to improve the coordination of healthcare services.  In addition, India aims to promote traditional and alternative medical care through the incorporation of yoga and ancient medicine – Ayurveda.

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Medical tourism packages were rolled out last year to attract more tourists and residents. For tourists, the packages include hotel stay and flight tickets, and for residents, discounted rates for certain medical services.

The most popular medical treatments in Dubai include orthopaedics, cosmetic surgery and infertility treatments, with most medical visitors coming from the GCC, the wider Arab world and Asian countries, according to Fatma Al Sharaf, DHA’s senior manager, strategy and partner development.

Dubai aims to become a leading medical tourism hub in the region. It has more than 2,700 health care facilities, with more being planned, according to Ahmad Ebrahim Bin Kalban, chief executive of the hospitals services sector and acting chief executive of the clinical support services sector of the DHA. Dubai Health care City (DHCC), said to be the world’s largest health care free zone, is expanding to include the Nashami project, which will feature 3.3 million square feet of rehabilitation facilities, retail stores, as well as hospitality and leisure facilities. It is expected to receive 20,000 people.

DHCC is home to more than 130 medical centres and more than 5,000 health care professionals, according to Al Sharaf.


singaporeFrequented by President Mugabe and dubbed by locals as kuSingapore, meaning where you will not get well, probably since ailing President has not been ‘healed’. Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia. It has become a top healthcare destination. Healthcare in Singapore is one of the best in Asia. The country specializes in every major treatment available. In 2011, Singapore medical tourism attracted 30% of the people who went abroad for medical tourism.

– Singapore is a developed country and you will find a wide range of health care services here.
– Singapore is famous for treatments that involve Cardiology, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics and Paediatrics among others.
– Singapore’s biotechnology sector is highly developed. If you looking for hard to find treatments, you will probably find it in Singapore.
– The doctors in the best Singapore hospitals are highly trained and have years of experience providing medical and surgical treatments.

Why should you consider Singapore for your health care needs?

Medical tourists choose Singapore healthcare for a variety of reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

A medical traveler should be aware that safety and quality in any hospital – no matter how good it is, and what country it’s in – is not guaranteed. We strongly urge all medical travelers to seriously consider using the services of an experienced, professional medical travel company that offers a full range of care management services on the ground. Any medical travel company, doctor, clinic or hospital that is Medical Travel Certified by MTQUA supports total care management for medical tourists.

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