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Travellers Rebate to go down to $200 in January

Travellers Rebate

The 2016 Zimbabwe National Budget Statement was presented to the Parliament of Zimbabwe on 26 November 2015 by the Honourable Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mr. Patrick Chinamasa. In the budget he proposed to reduce the travellers rebate from $300 to $200 per calendar month. An automated system for tracking the rebate will be introduced starting from the 1st of January 2016.


It is, propose that consignments transported on behalf of third parties be cleared under commercial importations as opposed to private importations, with effect from 1 January 2016


Other changes that have since been effected are:

Removal of certain groceries from the Travellers Rebate The following items will be removed from the Travellers Rebate: Flour, Maize Meal, Sugar, Meat, Fish, Powdered Milk, Yoghurts, Cheese, Eggs, Corn Puffs, Jam, Honey and beverages.

Beds and Mattresses have been removed in support of the furniture industry.

Second Hand Clothing and Shoes Second hand clothing and shoes are to be removed from the Open General Import Licence. Any future importation of second hand clothing and shoes will be liable to forfeiture and destruction.

This was effective  – 1 September 2015

A full budget summary is available here

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