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2016 Cargo Carriers Apprentice Intake

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Job Description- Zimdev

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Trio arrested for soliciting Presidential Scholarship Bribes

April 27, 2016 Leave a comment

                            harare_international_ariport.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe has said, “No Presidential Scholarship applicant should pay for consideration and all beneficiaries should report any culprits who solicit for bribes”.

In a statement yesterday, Dr Mushohwe , who is also Presidential Scholarship executive director, said scholarships were awarded to deserving applicants after serious consideration by a committee of senior Government officials.

“The awarding of scholarships is made to deserving applicants after serious consideration by a committee of senior Government officials put together for the purpose. No applicant is required to pay for the consideration in cash or kind whatsoever.”

Dr Mushohwe encouraged the public and all former applicants to report any solicitation for bribes by officials, to Office of the President and Cabinet.

“Government wishes to appeal to the public and or all former applicants to report any solicitation for bribes in cash or kind by any officials or members of the public as consideration for the awarding of scholarship funding or university place.”

 These statements came after the arrest of an official from the Office of the President and Cabinet in Charge of the Presidential Scholarship Scheme on allegations of soliciting for bribes.Tafadzwa Mawufu, a senior executive to the director of the Presidential Scholarship is being accused of soliciting bribes ranging between $500 and $1 500 from prospective students who wanted to study under the Presidential Scholarship scheme.

Mawufu allegedly employed Paidamoyo Mwandiyambira, a receptionist at Masaisai Primary School in Westgate, Harare, and the Headmistress of Martin Luther King Junior School, Martha Chigama.

The two would then scout for potential students and the trio would share the earnings. The three appeared in court last week Friday and were released on $200 bail each.

The Presidential Scholarship programme is run by President Mugabe and administered by his Office and Cabinet to support financially challenged students who would have excelled in their Advanced Level examinations.

The programme is meant to benefit students enrolled for degree studies at various universities in South Africa.

While we were all wondering how people were getting presidential scholarships, it seems that there is a lot of graft in that scholarship system. It does not come as a shock that there was money to made here as students were looking for scholarships to study. What a shame that scholarships end up being awarded to those who are requested to pay bribes and can afford to. If a student can pay $1500 as a bribe, in my opinion, they are not needy and can afford a year of university in Zimbabwe. They are not deserving of the scholarship.

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