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Speak out against gender violence on Word Pulse

September 10, 2012 1 comment
English: A map of the world showing countries ...

English: A map of the world showing countries by level of women’s physical security, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Women have been marginalised, mistreated, abused from age to age. These women need a voice and this voice could be yours. World Pulse invites you to join them in speaking out against violence as they showcase the voices and solutions of grassroots women around the world. Your stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can and will bring an end to gender-based violence.

Tell your own story and perspective on violence against women, either personally experienced or witnessed in your community, and outline your vision for change.

In this campaign, World Pulse will spotlight your testimonies and broadcast your solutions and personal visions.

Your story along with other women’s stories from around the world will be channeled to major media outlets, advocacy groups, policy-makers, and key international forums to ensure that your voice is heard through the halls of power.

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How to help- Mandela Day

August 2, 2012 8 comments

Many of us think about helping in one way or another. Each year we resolve to do more for the less privileged and to make a difference. South Africans have been doing their bit with the 67 minutes to help someone. 67 minutes can mean a home for someone, food for children and a smile on someones face. It doesn’t take a lot, it is simply looking beyond yourself. We often get stuck as to what to actually do to help and then end up doing nothing. There is so much need all around us and we get lost in the myriad of choices. I hear many people say they do not know where to start, and unfortunately, they never start. We often have great grand ideas that need a huge budget, we’ll start when we have a million bucks to spare. So we think. There is no need to look too far, right outside your doorstep is a need. A lady who lives near my folks passed away a few months ago and I was touched to hear so many people tell of how she touched their lives. A gardener who lives across from her told of how she brought soup and leftovers for his family. Her acts of compassion and giving touched lives and became a testament of a seemingly unimportant life. We don’t need to do great exploits, we just need to do the best with what we have. My hope is to simply live so that others may simply live. This doesn’t meant that I starve or live as a pauper, but I limit my extravagances so that others may have the simple things in life. It may be one or two people who benefit from my life, but it will be worth it, the smile on their faces is payment enough.

Below are a few ideas for doing things differently during the following year. They are suitable for individuals and companies as well.

Corporate team building –      Weekend away –     Weekend cleaning the streets in the township

Employee Development    –   Excel training  –      One day a month for community development

End of year party  –             Long lunch  –          Party for children at children’s home

Corporate catering    –        Pro caterers  –                 Use trained community caterers

Corporate involvement –      CSI department  –            Holistic employee involvement & participation in community development

Corporate Christmas cards   –    Local Stationers  –   Community organization designed cards

Corporate gifts    –                            Card holders etc    –   Community organization goods

Birthday celebrations             –       Cake               –             Drop off cake at children’s home

Free Saturday morning      –      Brunch with BFF  –       Skills development or workshop at CBO

Weekend at home            –       Entertain BFF’s   –              Volunteer at children’s home

Free lunch hour     –       Go to gym   –                      Mentor a child

Holidays      –               Week on the beach  –           Week working at CBO/ngo

Festivals          –           Food and Drink fest   –                Festival of giving

Religious celebrations –      Gifts for family/friends  –   Gifts for abandoned children

Matric/Leavers dance     –      Pricey outfits/venue    –     Variety show to raise money for less privileged

take your pick. I’m sure something will appeal at either the personal level or the corporate level.

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