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Africa is not…

January 25, 2013 1 comment

I have recently been exposed to a lot of people who are completely ignorant about Africa.   Let’s get this right: Africa is NOT a big land mass of people who all speak and look the same!   To a certain extent, I understand that it’s really not their fault. They didn’t learn about Africa in history in high school and all they really ever hear about ‘the dark continent’ is that there are plagues of every kind, famines of titanic proportion and wars that leave thousands limbless.   Now, these things do happen every day and they do indeed provide important context for understanding Africa. But they aren’t the be-all and end-all of our story. Far from it! Africa is a continent of layered meanings, multiple histories and equally diverse people. From the Muslim north to the predominantly French-speaking west to the multicultural east right down to the savvy south, Africa boasts over 50 countries rich with language and living.   So I am starting to take offense at people who insist on classifying the way I behave or cook or relate to things as ‘African’. What does that really mean? Can someone please define African-ness for me so that I can understand what they are talking about?!   In case you might be one of those people who thinks that Africa is a lump of land somewhere in the south of the world where everyone speaks one language and lounges about about half-naked, spear in hand, cleaning our canine teeth of our afternoon meal of raw wild meat, THINK AGAIN. Here’s a list of facts that might help you.

REad the rest of the post by fungai neni  Africa is not….

I can speak and read English without any problem, because I learnt it in school!

I do not speak African, I speak Shona which is my mother tongue.

I did not grow up in a tree.

Yes, we actually wear clothes and not animal skin in Africa!

We have normal houses and cities and towns in Africa.

We do not hunt anymore and there is no lion waiting outside the door.

You have to go to a game park to see wild animals!

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Senior Jobs at Banque Populaire Rwanda

January 16, 2013 2 comments
Careers in Africa - GCC
Careers in Africa - GCC
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Created in 1975, Banque Populaire is the biggest Retail Bank in Rwanda measured in number of clients and outreach; they offer a wide range of Financial products and services. In January 2008, basing on its strong experience of 33 years in the Rwandan financial sector, UBPR was transformed from a cooperative Bank into a commercial bank “Banque Populaire du Rwanda Ltd”. It has a large network of 191 offices, 1600 staff, 120.000 credit files and 1.4 million clients. Due to its large (rural) outreach, BPR is a partner for the government, NGO and other stake holders.
BPR is now looking to recruit for the following roles:

Chief Human RessourcesBPR CHR
Chief Commercial OfficerBPR CCO
Chief Operating OfficerBPR COO

Applicants should have a master degree and 7 to 20 years experience minimum in the retail banking sector, Strong knowledge of East Africa will be highly appreciated. As the role is based in Kigali, Rwanda applicants must have excellent skills in English, good knowledge of French is a plus. Competitive package will be offered to the successful candidate.

To know more about those opportunities and apply, please click on the links above. For those who are already registered with GCC, we kindly ask you to update your CV on our system and you will automatically be considered for the role.

Interested applicants should apply via the website, using the hyperlink for the position. Please also consult the FAQ section on our website, which likely addresses some of the questions you may have. We appreciate your assistance in communicating this interesting career opportunity to any relevant contacts.

Please apply by 1st of February 2013. If your profile closely matches what the company is looking for, the Recruitment Consultant in charge will contact you directly.

go to careers in Africa here

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