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Become an Independant Financial Adviser- IFA

January 31, 2013 2 comments
Flag of South Africa

Flag of South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To become an IFA you need to:

Then you follow the 3 simple steps to becoming an IFA:

Step 1 – Believe in the Opportunity

Attend an IFA Presentation at an IFA Presentation Venue near you.

Step 2 – Believe in yourself

Decide that this is the business opportunity for you and purchase an IFA Starter Manual which includes an IFA and Product application form.

Step 3 – Buyers are Believers

Choose a product that suits your needs, with a premium you can afford and complete the application form.

Now you are ready to start inviting people to an IFA Presentation and introducing them to the IFA Business Opportunity.

At the IFA Presentation the people you have invited are presented with enough information to make a decision.  They could decide that they:

  • want to apply for a Clientèle product and at the same time earn some extra income. If that’s what they want then they apply to become an IFA and select a product that best suits their needs.
  • want to earn some extra money but do not believe that any of the Clientèle products suit their needs.  These IFAs still need to complete the application form to become an IFA.
  • do not want to be an IFA and may only be interested in one of the Clientèle products, then they need to contact our National Contact Centre on (011) 320-3000.

If the person you invited decides to join as an IFA, applies for a Clientèle product and starts paying premiums you, the introducing IFA, have an opportunity to earn.

By mastering the art of inviting people to attend an IFA Presentation and introducing them to the IFA Business Opportunity you will be rewarded with regular earnings and bonuses for all the IFAs that have applied for a Clientèle product and paid their premiums, provided the minimum criteria on building a team has been achieved.

With hard work and constant effort, you will continue to be rewarded by IFA.

Click Here to Become an IFA

Please contact Clientelle Life for more information!


Franchises available in Africa

January 24, 2013 17 comments

Want to be your own boss? Franchise Direct lists Africa‘s most successful franchises available to individuals eager to own their own business. Search through the following franchise and business listings in this directory. I suppose I’m into fast food, but not really, but the fast food franchises are at the top. January is the time when you are itching to change your life, check out franchise opportunities for the right fit and you may just find your life taking a different direction.

Click on pciture to check out the requirements to open a Nandos Franchise

 Open your very own McDonalds Franchise.

Like or Love KFC, open your own franchise

Minuteman Press FranchiseMinuteman PressJoin the largest and #1 rated digital printing & graphics franchise, where every other business is a…Minimum Cash Required:$30,000. Minuteman Press Franchise.

Guard-A-Kid FranchiseGuard-A-KidGuard-A-Kid – delivering peace of mind for parents everywhere. Be a part of it with your own home-based child ID…Minimum Cash Required:$15,000. Guard-A-Kid Franchise.

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