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ZANU Pf to create 2,265 million jobs

August 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Zimbabwe is now back to business as usual. The July 31 elections are now a distant memory. It seems that we were right in predicting that MDC would make a bit of noise and then shrink back into oblivion. In my post My wish list to ZANU Pf, I spelt out what we would like to see from Zanu PF. Wish fulthinking, but hey, all we have is wishes. We can’t really expect ZANU Pf to get a rabbit out of the hat. They would certainly shock us, by actually working and making the economy work, is actually a pipe dream. Since wishing and dreaming are free. I will set my wishes as high as I can, and hope and pray for a government that works.

So as I continue in dream world, (where the reality of life in Zimbabwe is lulled), I am looking at the manifesto, a 108 page document. Not really, I’m just reading what others have to say about it.

Here is what the manifesto says:
In setting the tone for the electorate the former ruling party Zanu PF plans to broaden indigenisation by unlocking nearly $2 trillion from exploiting idle assets when it wins the forthcoming harmonised elections.

According to the party’s manifesto, the indigenisation programme would result in the transfer of at least $7,3 billion into the hands of previously marginalised indigenous people.“The threats to the goals of the people include, but are not limited to poverty, corruption, the illegal and evil sanctions and the illegal regime change agenda sought by founders and funders of reactionary political parties that do not have any programme of their own and which are essentially anti-people and pro-crisis not least because they have defined themselves as enemies of Zimbabwe’s heroic liberation struggle,” reads Zanu PF’s manifesto in part.

“The full implementation of the indigenisation and people’s empowerment reform programme by the people’s government under Zanu PF will tackle the scourge of poverty by enabling Zimbabweans to break out of its crippling cycle,” it added.

The issue of job creation and economic opportunity for the youth is prominently highlighted in the ZANU PF manifesto. The party notes: “It is a goal of every Zimbabwean, especially the youth, to be gainfully employed in the broadest possible sense in order to have a decent living for themselves and their families and to be able to meaningfully contribute to the development of their community and their country. It is for this reason that employment creation has always been at the heart of ZANU PF’s policies to the point of creating a ministry responsible for creating employment opportunities. Indigenisation and People’s Empowerment is particularly designed to create unprecedented employment opportunities over the next five years”

Consistent with this thinking, the party envisages the creation of “2,265 million jobs across key sectors of the economy and contribute to export earnings, food security and to the fiscus among many other benefits including urban housing, and construction or peri-urban farms acquired during the land reform exercise”. Most of these new jobs will directly benefit the youth who are also expected to play a visible role in the economy as a result of the ‘25 per cent quota’ threshold for their participation across all sectors of the economy that has been endorsed in the revised National Youth Policy.

While most countries are struggling to create jobs and keep people in employment, Zanu PF wants to create 2,265 million jobs. I would like to see this happen. They have failed to create any jobs in the past 33 years. I think this is Mugabe’s dying wish!!! To leave a strong legacy for Zimababwe and exit with GRACE!! Literally!!! If you thought I was a dreamer, try ZANU PF.

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President Mugabe tells Tsvangirai to go hang!

August 12, 2013 Leave a comment

In his first public address since presidential and parliamentary elections on July 31, Mr Mugabe, 89, said he and his party Zanu PF had won “not by the gun but by the vote” and thanked his African neighbours for observing, and then validating, the poll. We all knew there was a scathing speach in store for the oppostion, Tsvangirai and the West. I was just waiting to hear the harsh words that were in store from the President Mugabe. A commentator spoke of Mugabe as having a very good command of english that he can throw verbal abuse to his critics in the west using their language.

“We fought gallantly in this election, and we won so overwhelmingly that some people are hurting badly,” he told a rally to mark Heroes Day, an annual celebration of those who fought to liberate Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, from white minority rule.

“If they cannot stomach it, they can go and hang. If they die, even dogs will not sniff at their corpses. Never will we go back on our victory.”

To loud cheers from the thousands of party supporters who turned out for the event bearing neatly-printed, anti-Western placards, he dismissed the claim by his rival Morgan Tsvangirai that he won by widespread rigging and intimidation — an allegation backed by countries including Britain, America and Australia.

“We are delivering democracy on a platter. We say take it or leave it,” he said. “The emphatic vote assures us that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Never, ever, ever.”

The nation awaits the verdic of the MDC appeal regarding the election which they declared to be a complete sham. Only time will see what will become of the election.

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