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Zimbabwe is open for investment

January 22, 2018 Leave a comment

Zimbabwe is open for business

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Joshua Nkomo Scholarships opening soon

February 16, 2017 Leave a comment

The Joshua Nkomo scholarship is offered to the best students in the final 2 to 3 years of high school, and top university and college students in their first and straight Masters degrees. It focuses on identifying young African talent through a rigorous selection process and creating the opportunity for them to get the best and most relevant education at world-class local and overseas tertiary learning institutions. The programme includes leadership training and mentorship through internships, community involvement and life-long engagement through an active alumni network.
Who Qualifies for The Scholarship?

Academic Merit as determined by applicant performance in public examinations (mainly ZIMSEC and Cambridge)

For A-Level applications, a minimum of SEVEN (7) “A” grade passes is required

For University applications, a minimum of TEN (10) points for females and TWELVE (12) points for males is required

Where there are ties, extra criterion is applied as follows:
Leadership Potential as demonstrated by levels of responsibility and office bearing in the School and surrounding

Communities, as well as confirmed indications of Community Engagements and extra-curricular activity

Personal Integrity as deduced from School Reports and reports from other responsible authorities.

Documentation Required

Academic certificates/public exam results

Birth Certificate

National ID


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