Do you belong to East Africa? Apply for Acumen East Africa Fellows Program

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The Acumen is currently accepting applications for two regional fellowship programs namely – East Africa Fellows Program and India Fellows Program. Acumen Pakistan Fellows Program will open on 1 August 2014. The Acumen aims to create an interconnected web of global leaders who share values, collaborate with each other, and drive change through the fellowship program.

The fellows, who remain in their own job, come together every 6-8 weeks for a series of 5 seminars. These seminars are focused on developing the skills needed to be the next generation of social change leaders.


Foundations of Leadership
Adaptive Leadership & Moral Imagination
Financial & Operational Skills
Learning Trip
Leading into the Future

During the fellowship period of one year, the fellows will engage in deep reflection, challenge their assumptions about the world, and strengthen their moral compass.

Eligibility Criteria

- Applicants must be from the following countries – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, or Ethiopia.
– Applicants can be individuals who are working to end poverty in their community through some kind of social change project. They can also be entrepreneurs who started their own organization, or individuals who are influencing change within an existing organization.
– Applicants can be of any age and educational levels.
– Applicants must be proficient in English.

- Fellows must demonstrate strong personal integrity, unrelenting perseverance, and moral imagination.
– Fellows must be ready and willing to undergo an intensive year-long personal transformation and leadership journey.

Applications must be submitted via online application process. The application consists of background information, resume/CV, and short and long answer questions.

Deadline: 8 September 2014

Please read about the India Fellows Program.

For more information, please visit East Africa Fellowship.

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I’m into all things free these days. With all sorts of free courses going around, I’m on the lookout to learning more, for free with moocs. I know Zimbabweans are into getting a whole lot of courses and degrees under their belts, some of these courses however, do not give you a certificate, but you will have learnt as much as the person who was on the course. At the end of the day, its not about how many degrees you have under your belt, what is important is utilizing the knowledge you have learnt.

University of Cape Town (UCT) will be offering free online courses starting from next year. This initiative will enable anyone in the world with an internet connection to have an access to its resources.

The Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the recent phenomenon in the world of education. The strategic user interaction coupled with unlimited resources have created a better informed world. The higher education, globally, has gone a sea change recently.

Sandra Klopper, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Strategic Issues relating to teaching and learning, University of Cape Town said that free online courses are designed for the mass participation without any entry barrier.

“MOOCs are a relatively recent development in the innovation of online learning – this time, offering to anyone with internet access a taste of university-level learning without the demands or cost of formal assessment” she added.

UCT has collaborated with FutureLearn, a British based MOOCs provider to develop the courseware. The university aims to develop its own courses for it strongly believes in its knowledge and expertise. The videos and lectures will be of immense help to the students who wish to learn without physically being present in the campus. The interactive online forums will be the center point of learning where peer-to-peer discussions will be beneficial to thousands of students.

Currently, UCT is working on developing courses such as medicines, health sciences and arts. It is expected to deliver its first course in 2015 by using FutureLearn platform. As there are no African universities in the scenario, providing MOOCs as of now, UCTs considered move will be an impetus to the African higher education.

FutureLearn, owned by the Open University, provides support to more than 38 universities in the United Kingdom and around the world. It has partnered with institutions having a huge repository of cultural and educational material. These include the British Council, the British Library, and the British Museum.

Students, who are interested to know more about the online courses being offered by the University of Cape Town, can click here for details.

Read more: UCT To Start Free Online Courses In 2015 : Blog Scholarships for International Students 2014

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